Dave Femia’s Game of the Year 2018

It’s not often that we post written features on our podcast site. But if there was ever a reason to do it, this is it. I’ve been talking about games with Official Friend of the Podcast, Dave Femia, for something like 17 years. His intuitive understanding of gameplay, taste in style, and love of clickers and idlers are beyond any mortal reckoning. I am proud to present his Game of the Year 2018 feature.

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Far Cry 5’s Nihilism Examined

I barely noticed when the credits rolled after completing the final story mission in Far Cry 5. After nonsensically gunning down my former allies and reviving them during the game’s climactic battle, then driving through the flaming hellscape that was formerly Hope County, my next series of inputs was the repeated mashing of the escape key. Joseph Seed talked a good game about delivering his adherents to Eden. But I secured my own deliverance from the psychic apocalypse of the game’s ending by tapping a key while I looked down at my phone.

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